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  • What is WASDclub.com?

    WASDclub.com – is an advertising-game project enabling users to get online-game currency for free. Everybody knows that additional game opportunities require money donation. It is fair enough, because game developers need money to maintain and develop their projects. At the same time, the majority of gamers try to avoid financial donation to their entertainment. They can be understood as well.

    WASDclub.com solves this problem by involving advertisers. We give our users an opportunity to complete our client’s promotional tasks, and we pay riches to those users who successfully manage to do it. You may withdraw earned riches into your favorite game and use it there however you want.

  • How do I start gaining riches?

    To earn riches go to the “jobs” tab in the menu, choose one of the tasks and complete it by pressing the “complete” button. Be attentive, riches are paid according to the task terms. After completing the task a stated amount of riches will be paid into your account.

    How do I earn more?

    New tasks often appear in the “jobs” tab. Visit our website more often, complete the tasks, earn riches and spend it in your favorite game!

    How do I earn even more riches?

    Besides the opportunity to earn riches by completing tasks on your own, you can invite your friends to our website and earn riches for the tasks completed by your friends. You can do it by using a friend-invitation link. You can track the earned-by-your-friends-riches details in your profile by choosing “my profile” in the menu.

  • Is it allowed to register more than one account?

    It is forbidden to use more than one account by one user on WASDclub service no matter what purpose you have or whether periods of use coincide or not. If the fact of using more than one account by one person is detected, all these accounts will be banned and the user will be restrained from using his personal account, no matter who he is or how many riches are on the account.